Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Music of Life

One of the most memorable songs that I learned is the song entitled Hero which is performed by Mariah Carey. The song is basically for the people to handle life well. For one thing, life's trials, grievances, problems, challenges, and even difficult questions existed since time immemorial. These oppositions are given to us in order to learn many things which makes us rise above from our shortcomings. Thus, it is admitted that we face problems in life. The question is: how far we knew the secrets of fighting against life's challenges in order to emerge victorious?

Our inner self is being emphasized by the song Hero and it was focused on the inside and not the outside. Our natural reactions in difficult situations are to feel the agony, to question, to cry, get angry and even to hurt ourselves if we cannot take it anymore. But in the song Hero sung by Mariah Carey, we knew that only ourselves can make our life easier. How? We need to believe in ourselves. We need to claim that our life is important above all trials and difficulties. Hence, to feel down is an enemy to our individual growth as a person. If we affirm to ourselves that we can make it, there is no reason to feel sad. When we think and work for a specific task and believe in our abilities, we knew we can.

In my own opinion, I always knew that Barack Obama would become the next President of the US despite concerns on race and color. He was so sure of his goals and never think of quitting despite barriers along the way. The song Hero is very timely for those people who felt the irony in life. The impossible can be turned into possible if we think and work that way. All in all, we understood it well, “and then the hero comes along, with the strength to carry on”, because we know how to carry on and continue enjoying life despite ups and downs. Indeed, music is vital to life and the society.


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