Friday, May 15, 2009

Jazz Music in Relation To Social Activism

Another influential music genre that promotes social activism is jazz music. According to Tietze, the intimate connection between individual identity and Jazz is apparent in American experience. The teaching and learning process that engages the whole person and maximizes self-understanding is the result or outcome of linking individual identity and jazz in an educational course of study which is designed to integrate data from both forms of a person’s cognition, intellectual knowledge and emotionally-valued circumstances. The rationale behind this point is that a fundamental social scrutiny of the nature and purpose of art is expressed in jazz music.

In connection, the study of jazz in terms of social view is done with individual improvisation which is created in group framework. On the basis of the call-and-response dialogue between listening and the artistic expression of one’s own voice, improvisation devised upon a groundwork given by the group’s rhythmic arrangement. Tietze has been incorporating jazz in his teaching method of a particular subject. In addition, the authority and development represented by students’ narrative and original preferences are part of what makes education meaningful and fulfilling for Tietze. In Tietze’s case studies, the importance of jazz in social activism was also revealed.

The genre folk and jazz with funky style is popularized by singer-songwriter Ember Swift. In his 2005 article, Cohen maintained that Ember Swift had been playing politically-charged music since the year 1997. Ember Swift independently managed her own label under Few’ll Ignite Sound which also serves as an essential resource center for other artists. Ember was able to produce and release eight albums under her music outfit. Cohen emphasized that Ember Swift is expert in blending politics, activism and do-it-yourself philosophy.

A persistent performer, Ember Swift and musical associate Lyndell Montgomery for the bass, electric violin, and backing vocals play over 200 shows per year. The latest album of Ember Swift entitled Disarming that was released in the year 2004, talks such stimulating issues such as political responsibility, water privatization and consumer capitalism. All the way through, Ember Swift finds time to breathe fresh air into the commercial culture that exhausts the music industry. Besides, Ember Swift is also accountable for her views, too. Finally, in the year 2002, Ember Swift offered her way to dissent post-September 11 security legislation in Canada.


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