Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Music and Life

I was not able to prepare a post in this blog for a long time. I was busy with other things to do. I was pondering on things lately. I never thought that it will occur to me that music and life must wield together for strength and inspiration. Here are the things that I realized this time:

Music and life demands sincerity. When you listen to music and find some lyrics that match your ideas, it must be cultivated to inspire others, like the people you love. It will not hurt listening to Tylor Swift's songs and ponder on it just for learning life in the process. If you have been married, then you could keep the lessons in life and hand it over to your children once they need it. If you are single, "you belong with me" song is easy to follow on.

Not only that, funny songs are like a balm for a weary soul. Country music usually has funny songs with hilarious lyrics to listen to. The idea of smiling and then laughing while listening to funny music is intriguing. And there is nothing wrong doing it.  


Ahsan said...

unique content about life

Sheena said...

I like to add this formula: music, life and travel. I'm an avid fan of resorts in hotels in the country, especially Cavite swimming pool resorts. That's my way of supporting my homeland. When I travel, I succumb to music to ease boredom before reaching the desired destination. After all, resorts in the Philippines are worth visiting.

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