Thursday, October 1, 2009

Latest Auction Site With A Twist

With these boring days, looking for fun and excitement in the Internet is essential. As a woman having well-rounded personality, sharing to others what has been considered as recommended to combat stress is a must. Remember, all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl. I had come across of a new auction site having a twist in its services. has been one of those best auction sites operating through the Internet. As an online auction site, is considered as a penny auction site wherein brand new products like
Nintendo, Wii's, iPods, laptops, digital cameras, and LCD TV's fall under the auction hammer daily and offer for sale with prices that is perfectly characterised as must-grab items. The said auction site offer the hottest and in demand gadgets at the lowest prices. also offers the latest, brand new electronic products including watches, as well as merchandise and goods from leading manufacturers. All the users of the auction site will have a chance to experience the most exciting auction activities online then.

Basically, the auction site offer an exciting online auction for customers on the basis of the principles of an  American‐Style Auction which is the right type of competition for participants who want to auction attractive goods and services at bargain prices. Besides, stands out from the rest of the auction sites operating in the Internet for various reasons. The primary objective and principle of the site is that every auction made must have a fair go. It must be real auctions with real winners and in real time. Aside from that, when a participant register in the auction site, he or she would get five (5) bids free of charge. Per bid costs only $0.60 (US) plus ten (10) free bids for every one hundred (100) bids a participant placed. The most interesting feature of the auction is that no one looses his or her money. gives a participant the possibility to buy the product he or she is interested in at anytime. All the bids placed on an auction are offered as a discount off the recommended retail price of the item. All interested participant must create a user account at and place bid and then wait for timer to reach 00:00:00. Actually, each auction has a countdown timer between 15 seconds and 3 minutes. When the timer turned zero, the last bidder wins the right to purchase the product. If another user counter-bids, the countdown timer will restart. Hence, there is really fun and excitement in using the auction site plus a fair auction guarantee. - New Auction site with a twist


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