Monday, September 7, 2009

Sandara Park

Even if her career went nosedive here in the Philippines, I still believe in Sandara's capacity to lure one's heart to notice her unique talent. Her charm coupled with confidence and candor made her a hit in the Philippines years ago. In fact, her movies with Hero Angeles are fine. When she won Star Circle Quest at ABS-CBN, she earned the respect of many Filipinos and watch her many shows. As lady luck gave a tearful wink, Sandara's career seemed to take a slower pace after she went back to her native country. She waited a little longer, but I no longer see her in television.

Years later, she became a member of 2NE1 and became famous in South Korea. She signed a contract under YG Entertainment prior to that. 2NE1 is a female Big Bang and composed of Sandara Park, Park Bom, CL, and Gong Minji. She is known as Dara in South Korea. Sandara will always remain in my Filipina heart now that she made a name in her own country.

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