Friday, May 1, 2009

Music and Life of Miley Cyrus

She was given the name Miley because she kept on smiling as a child. Miley’s energetic aura and talent in music brought her to stardom aside from the fact that she was born in a family of performers. And that’s it; she was the daughter of country artist Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife Leticia. At a young age, she already auditioned for myriad roles with Disney Channel. But, she was too small at that time that she was told to return when she’s old enough to enter be part of any show.

With that, there are three reasons why we should adore Miley Cyrus. First, her persistence in the showbiz industry made her famous. Persistence is not a simple word but easy to play in terms of Miley Cyrus. Being rejected by executives at Disney Channel due to small physical stature, she continued to present herself during audition opportunities. Her ability to persevere provides her the best spot of her own in Hollywood. Second, Miley Cyrus knows what she wants in life. Miley’s words that the last thing she would do is to disappoint her parents are very admirable. At a young age, Miley already knows how to play as role model to teenagers like her. She also knows the temptations and pitfalls while being famous. There is no doubt that she can be easily guided by her parents while climbing the wall of stardom. And third, her talent in music is unique and superb. Cyrus was shortly selected for the Hannah Montana production since of she is very energetic and had an active live performance. People would comment that Miley seemed to be a kid who have a zest for life, and likened her to be a cross between Hilary Duff and Shania Twain. Aside from that, Disney also cast her own father, Billy Ray Cyrus to play her on-screen dad. From then on, Cyrus has earned worldwide success with her hit television series, Hannah Montana, where she plays Miley Stewart, a regular girl transformed rock star. Her alter ego, Hannah Montana, is a musician by night, while Miley is just a high school student by daytime.

Miley’s success in Hollywood is evident. She has garnered quite a few awards in 2007, as she was able to accept the Choice Summer Artist and Choice TV Actress for Comedy in the Teen Choice Awards. She also earned the Poptastic Queen Award from Popstar Magazine and the Favorite TV Actress Award from Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. Aside from acting, the young artist also sings and has recorded two albums to date, the first being a soundtrack for Hannah Montana and the second, which was released in June 2007, is a double album entitled Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus, which debuted her personal music style. The year 2007 also brought her more projects to work on as she launched her tour which took her to over fifty destinations across America. Knowing these achievements, Miley Cyrus is indeed a total performer in the music and acting scene.


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