Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Linkage of Life and Music

It cannot be denied that there are many people who are interested in music. Record labels, singers, concerts and music videos surround us daily. But, are we able to decipher why music is so related with enjoying life? If the answer is no, possible insights can be learned in this blog.

First, music is addicting to us. The reason behind this simple belief is the innate longing of man to listen and make music. In my entire life, I still have to meet someone who does not like singing or listening to music. That is why, record copies of popular songs, classic, and other genres are always sold in the stores, internet, and even local shopping malls.

Second, music plays a vital role in keeping the society at ease despite the dynamic changes people encountered. Music calms the heart of men. Music even naturally heals emotional wounds. In church worship meetings, music is made an integral part in praying to God. Therefore, the power of music is indispensable in achieving peace and serenity.

And third, music is not limited to few people and is accessible to all. The nature of music is very pervasive as it has to be shared rather than kept. Thus, all people who are capable of hearing may listen to music. Those who are talented in singing may also develop and hone their skills and talent in music. Nowadays, there are people who made it to the international music scene like Charice Pempengco and Arnel Pineda of Journey due to their ability in developing their singing talent and share it to the world. It was also proven by the said singers that the internet is one way of discovering talents in music. Thus, music and its blessings is free for everyone who are loyal to its power and mystery.

Finally, the linkage of life and music is very thin. We may know that we are enjoying life when we love popular songs and even classic lyrics and its sound. All we have to do is to share our voices to others and make this world a lovely place to live with.


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